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BP1 – 2mg


BP1 – 2mg




BP1 is a biotin-tagged 1,3-dicarbonyl protein sulfenic acid-reactive compound, cell permeable and compatible with Western blot, mass spectrometry and imaging analysis of redox-regulated proteins. At physiological pH its reactivity is comparable with dimedone and it has increasing activity at lower pH. More information.

Additional information

Weight 1.28125 lbs
Dimensions 12.375 × 10.875 × 1.5 in

BP! Safety Data Sheet

Certificate of Analysis

Catalogue ID:                                 BP001-2

Product Name:                             BP1 (or Biotin 1,3 cyclopentanedione)

CAS:                                                 1332460-36-2

IUPAC Name:                                 N-(2-((2,4-dioxocyclopentyl)thio)ethyl)-5-((3aS,4S,6aR)-2-oxohexahydro-1H-thieno[3,4-d]imidazol-4-yl)pentanamide



Molecular Formula:                      C17H25N3O4S2

Molecular Weight                         399.52

Appearance:                                  white solid

Analytical Test for Purity:           NMR

Purity:                                             >95%


1H NMR:                                         Confirms chemical structure

Mass Spec:                                     Confirms chemical structure

Melting Point:                              

Storage Conditions:                      -20 C

Solubility Data:                              Solvent               Solubility (mM)               Solubility (mg/ml)

                                                          DMSO                 100 mM                            40 mg/ml

Analytical data provided upon request

For research purposes only

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