DCP-FL1 is a non-cell permeable, fluorescent 1,3-dicarbonyl probe that reacts selectively and covalently with protein sulfenic acids and is useful for labeling oxidized proteins for in vitro applications, or for labeling and detecting oxidized extracellular proteins. More Information.

Certificate of Analysis

Catalogue ID:                                 DF001-2

Product Name:                              DCP-FL1

CAS:                                                 882853-92-1

IUPAC Name:                                 3-(2,4-dioxocyclohexyl)propyl (3′,6′-dihydroxy-3-oxo-3H-spiro[isobenzofuran-1,9′-xanthen]-5-yl)carbamate


Molecular Formula:                      C30H25NO9

Molecular Weight                         543.5

Appearance:                                  yellow solid

Analytical Test for Purity:           NMR

Purity:                                             >95%


1H NMR:                                         Confirms chemical structure

Mass Spec:                                     Confirms chemical structure

Melting Point:                              

Storage Conditions:                      -20 C

Solubility Data:                              Solvent               Solubility (mM)               Solubility (mg/ml)


Analytical data provided upon request

For research purposes only

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DCP FL1 Safety Data Sheet