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DCP-Rho1 – 0.5mg


DCP-Rho1 – 0.5mg




DCP-Rho1 is a cell permeable, fluorescent 1,3-dicarbonyl probe that traps protein sulfenic acids and is useful for detecting and imaging sulfenylated proteins in situ, reporting on sites of active oxidation occurring at cysteines within redox-regulated proteins.  Enrichment of signal is observed within mitochondria due to the positive charge on the chemical probe. More information.

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Weight 1 lbs
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0.5 kg

DCP-Rho1 Safety Data Sheet

Certificate of Analysis

Catalogue ID:                                 DR001-p5

Product Name:                              DCP-Rho1

CAS:                                                 1001575-98-9

IUPAC Name:                                 N-(6-(diethylamino)-9-(2-(4-(4-(2,4-dioxocyclohexyl)butanoyl)piperazine-1-carbonyl)phenyl)-3H-xanthen-3-ylidene)-N-ethylethanaminium chloride



Molecular Formula:                      C42H51ClN4O5

Molecular Weight                         727.34

Appearance:                                  Red Oil

Analytical Test for Purity:           NMR

Purity:                                             >95%

TLC:                                                  Rf=0.19 (hexanes/EtOAc/MeOH, 4/2/1)

1H NMR:                                         Confirms chemical structure

Mass Spec:                                     Confirms chemical structure

Melting Point:                               239 C (decomp)

Storage Conditions:                      -20 C

Solubility Data:                              Solvent               Solubility (mM)               Solubility (mg/ml)


Analytical data provided upon request

For research purposes only

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